Maximizing Performance through Leadership Development and Coaching

Our Services

Ruffin Consulting and Training (RC&T), LLC is a consulting business with tailored services for clients in the corporate, academic, and sports & entertainment industries. With extensive experience, RC&T, focuses on maximizing individual & organizational performance.

We explore, design and deliver services in: Program Development, Organization Effectiveness, Team Building, Coaching, Facilitation, Assessments. RC&T consultants are results-oriented experts who draw from their passion for developing others and experiences to meet the specific needs of each client.

“Having these perspectives, allow us to offer a unique view that gives clients a well-rounded yet focused service. Our starting point is where you are to provide customized solutions.” - Claudia Ruffin, President, RC&T

Our Mission

To be the most respected and sought after company for consulting and training. Our passion is maximizing individual talents as well as optimizing organizational performance. We start with where you are.

Our Vision

When individual talent is effective, people connect seamlessly with business strategies to optimize performance and achieve individual and organizational goals. We start with who you are and where you are to lead you down the path to where you ultimately want to be.


We are dedicated to helping connect the talents of employees with business strategies for optimal performance. We help companies and their employees achieve their goals through talent enhancement and expanded business intelligence. More »


Whether it’s recreation, college or professional sports, RC&T is dedicated to helping athletes bridge their on-field excellence to off-field success. We firmly believe that skills used in sports are transferable skills that can be used in other areas of an athlete’s life. We train coaches and athletes to leverage their strengths and address crucial areas of development to expand skill sets and acquire additional strengths. Our results-oriented approach improves individual and team performance on and off the field. More »

Higher Education

With a passion for development, RC&T extends its services to the higher education sector as a conduit for bridging the gap between academia and the business world. RC&T adds a unique blend of experience as well as methodology which focuses on results to support the transition of college students into the business world. Our programs also help enhance the skills of faculty and staff for maximizing their own performance in their roles as instructors, administrators and mentors. More »

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching


Providing talent development and organizational effectiveness.
More »

Leadership Development & Life Coaching


Leveraging athletic strengths for the short, mid and long term — seeing the big picture. More »

Skills Development & Life Coaching


Bridging the gap from academia to the business world — skill and competency building. More »